Friday, October 24, 2008

Isaac Asimov and John Ciardi, Purveyors of Smut

There once were two literary icons
Whose pens were governed by hard-ons
     Nasty limericks they did write
     Causing me quite a fright
To erase these thoughts I 'll need multiple Krylons

From Isaac Asimov:

From John Ciardi:


tracy said...

Is this available for purchase? I need to buy it--y'know,ye olde Christmas smutte.

leslie said...

Dammit—Think of the rollicking times I've missed because we didn't read Ciardi's limerick translation for my Dante seminar!

tracy said...

Oh, he's going to see ol' Dante in the nether realms for these limericks, you can be sure of that.