Sunday, July 26, 2009

Go Back 35 Years With Me

Here's a 1974 Playboy Magazine I found. It reminds us of the days when...

denim boots arrived to stay,

an audiophile could get his Helen Reddy fix via 8-track or quadraphonic,

Andy Warhol didn't play second base for the Cubs ,

(note: many people confused Andy Warhol with Ernie Banks. This was probably because Mr. Warhol frequently yelled the phrase, "Let's paint two!" in The Factory.)

an 84 year old Groucho Marx talked about the Sexual Revolution,

men knew how to look like men,

America knew how to make great cars,

you could get a harvey wallbanger in a pop-top can,

cedar choppers and roustabouts could get side jobs as models in cigarette ads,

A guy invented a new saloon game called "Pong,"

Sean Connery was finally unshackled from his James Bond role to play Zed,the Priest of Death from the year 2293,

and women had pubic hair.


Anonymous said...

the gremlin had six cylinders? who knew? toss in a canned harvey wallbanger...and, well, that about sums up the 70's...

Maah said...

"Go back 35 years with me"
Who knew circle cutting would lend such knowledge by the age of eight.

Instead, you should have been enrolled in Martial Arts classes.

leslie said...

Ah, The 70s, when asexuals had marketing cache and pickpockets were artful.

Being one who waxes nostalgic about that era, I do find it funny that the women were so much prettier & real then, yet the men were so thoroughly unfuckable.

LazyMF said...

I'm still convinced time spent with thircles is much better than time spent with the karate.