Thursday, January 27, 2011


I run in to quite a few autobiographies that are worth reading purely for their entertainment value. Here is this week's gem:

Published by Playboy Press in 1975, it's full of great anecdotes which are beautifully written. Here's the whole number on his first date with the future Mrs. Jimmy the Greek:

And here is the photo I least expected to see (this is not photoshopped)- The Greek riding a snowmobile with Mama Cass:

Coming soon: Howard Cosell excerpts on Woody Allen and George Foreman.


leslie said...

Myself, I am sad to never have had a rare moment to relax on a snowmobile, much less with Mama Cass!

tracy said...

Me too! This snowstorm we're having would be so much more fun with Mama Cass!

Annette said...

Howard and Jimmy...I'd have to be plum out of all reading material to open either of their books.