Monday, March 24, 2008

Lin Kong Jing - A Powerful Empty Force

One of the rules of selling used books is that if you chance upon an obscure martial arts book - buy it. Someone will pay good money for it. I'd never heard of Ling Kong Jing - Powerful Empty Force, but when I saw this book at a thrift store I bought it.

Here is the cover and title page. It appears to have been self published by Si-Fu Richard M. Mooney, Powerful Empty Force Instructor, using only a dot matrix printer, a disposable camera, and his local Kinko's. I was lucky enough to obtain a limited edition (No. 71 of ??) signed by the master himself.

(click to enlarge images)

Given its immense power, I probably shouldn't share the secrets of this martial art with the general public. But here is a glimpse. You will need the following equipment: long white tube socks, a wife-beater shirt and a pair of old gym shorts. Tattoos are optional.

After mastering a series of breathing exercises and postures, you will be able to harness the energy of the Powerful Empty Force. The Powerful Empty Force allows you to project through people, and even Yugos.

The massive power of Lin Kong Jing can be used to diffuse any number of violent encounters. Here you can see it used to divert a pistol weilding thug and to cause an unsuspecting attacker to drop his knife.

Teachers can even use The Powerful Empty Force to bowl over classrooms full of children such as these Sarasota, Florida students in 1994 and 1995.

For those of you readers that are fortunate enough to harness this power, please use it for good and not evil.


Samantha said...

I need to place a bid on this book IMMEDIATELY.

tracy said...

I'm practicing the use them...on my students....momentarily...

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: all I need are a pair of tube socks, a tank top and a pair of gym shorts and this power is mine? Nice.

Todd Bitsche said...

Sifu Rich Mooney was my instructor and was amazing during the time I spent with him. I am looking to reach him and would greatly appreciate any information you might have. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


do you have a complete copy
of this book?
completely scanned perhaps?
i have been searching for it.
please email me at

thank you.

Rich Mooney said...
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Rich Mooney said...
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Rich Mooney said...
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Rich Mooney said...
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Rich Mooney said...
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Rich Mooney said...
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Rich Mooney said...
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leslie said...


Rich Mooney said...
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Alan S said...

Rich, if you feel your thoughts are worth publishing, you should probably also feel that they can withstand the scrutiny of the public eye.

By asking for the material to be taken down, you are announcing that your work *can't* withstand some joking. Obviously, this site has generated some interest in your book. I doubt that will continue now when it seems fromt his exchange that the author is so touchy and uncertain.

Rich Mooney said...
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Anonymous said...

Richard, I used the google and can't find a website or homepage that is selling your wares. Does such a place exist?

I also enjoy authentic Persian food.

Alan S said...

Rich, if someone broke into my house and stole from me, I would probably be insulted that you conisder such a crime the same as someone putting an image from you book on the internet.

Rich Mooney said...
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Rich Mooney said...
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Rich Mooney said...
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Rich Mooney said...
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Anonymous said...

I want the movie rights. This is stunning beyond expectation.

How much for the VHS, don't tell me you're out of beta and laserdisk!

The book?

Open a webstore. I did search and found some stunning information, an essay by you, and no way to purchase any of this. If you are seriously looking to subsidize you're pension by selling this stuff, you shouldn't make it so difficult for potential customers.

Happy Jedi Mindtricks to all..................this is not the empty force you are looking for..........

Rich Mooney said...
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Rich Mooney said...
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Charles said...

Ijust wanted to say hello to Rich- Charles here from South Carolina- been a while sine we last talked.

Look forward to talking to you soon..


Dave said...

Does anyone know how I can email Paul Dong for some advice on Ling Kong Jing ?



Rich Mooney said...
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Anonymous said...

A long time ago, on a planet far, far away, Richard Mooney posted videos of himself doing Lin Kong Jing on a bunch of his students, waving his hands at them and having them mysteriously fall over.

His ability was called into question - after all, great claims require great proof. He agreed to go to the NASA Ames Research Center for some double-blind studies to test his alleged abilities. He claimed to be able to use his "powers" to stop an attacker in his tracks, making the attacker instantly feel so ill that he physically could not continue his attack.

It was suggested that his ability to stop an attacker without Mooney ever touching him be put to the test.

It was suggested the test be conducted as follows: A test subject holding a Nerf baseball bat would approach him at walking pace from a considerable distance away. When the subject got within range, he would attempt to touch Mooney on the arm with the Nerf bat. There would be no actual attack, and no attempt to harm Mooney. The test subject would simply be giving Mooney the opportunity to demonstrate his powers against someone who was fully intent on touching Mooney. Mooney refused to take the test, claiming that he wouldn't allow anyone to hit him and would resort to using all of his other martial arts skills to defend himself. In a nutshell, he was proving to the naysayers that his technique only works on people trained to react the way he taught them to react, and only on queue.

As the date of the tests approached, all the wrinkles were ironed out. The only tests to be conducted were directly analogous to the claims he personally made on the Internet. The test agreed upon was as follows:

The Claim: Mooney claimed he could make someone stumble and/or fall over without touching them. He said he could do this through a wall, without the test subject seeing or hearing him (or receiving any clues from him). He had already posted video of him doing this to his students at a seminar.


Anonymous said...


The Test: Mooney would stand in one room and would be watched by a group of observers armed with a clock and a video camera. In an
adjoining room, out of sight and sound of Mooney, a second group of observers, also armed with a video camera and a clock (synchronized to the other clock) would watch a subject who was told simply to stand still in the middle of the room with his back turned to the wall. The test subject would have no idea what was supposed to happen to him.

The test would begin and the time noted. Mooney would then be given a set time period (I think it was 2 minutes), to summon up his Lin Kong Jing powers, project them through the wall and make the subject fall over or stumble (as he'd demonstrated in his videos). The group of observers in Mooney's room would not know if his attempt was successful. The group of observers in the test subject's room wouldn't know when Mooney was attempting his feat. All they would do was make a note of any "unusual behavior" exhibited by the subject and would note the time it occurred. At the end of the tests, the two videotapes would be compared and the results published on the internet, along with the videos. If the subject fell over or stumbled within two minutes of the time Mooney began his Lin Kong Jing in the other room, it would be considered a positive test. If nothing happened within 2 minutes of Mooney beginning his Lin Kong Jing, the test would be considered a fail. The test would be repeated several times. It was agreed that giving him 2 minutes to cause the subject to fall over/stumble was plenty long enough, given his claim that he could cause someone who "was really intent on causing him harm" to fall over, or instantaneously feel so sick that they couldn't continue to attack him. Normally an attacker wouldn't take 2 minutes to throw his first punch or kick!

Less than a week before the agreed-upon dates for the test, Mooney backed out of the tests. His reason was that his planned trip to the area where the tests were to be conducted, had been canceled and he was unwilling to make the trip just to conduct the tests (and, presumably, have his claims very publicly dis-proven!). It didn't matter to him that the others involved in these tests had already purchased airline tickets and were prepared to travel across the country at their own expense, just to accommodate Mooney and give him a fair chance to prove his claims.

As far as I know, to this date, Mooney has never undergone any type of legitimate testing with people who were not either not part of his school, not already "heavily invested" in believing that such things are possible, and certainly he's never successfully done a double-blind test, such as the one he initially agreed to do (as described above)... though I'm sure he will claim he has. The proof, of course, will be in the peer-reviewed published results in some legitimate scientific journal.

Just to be clear, no one ever challenged his martial arts ability (I'm sure he is/was a fabulous martial artist, in his own right), just his ability to make people fall over/stumble without touching them (while separated by a wall) and to make an attacker feel so physically sick that they could no longer continue to attack him.

That said, I still find it incredible that in this day and age, there are so many people who are willing to put common sense, science, and skeptical thinking aside, and instead believe in this kind of hocus pocus.

I wish Richard good health, but his Lin Kong Jing claims are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. There are some great videos on youtube of Japanese "sensei" who claim to be able to do the same kind of thing as Mooney and even put $5,000 on the line to prove it in an actual physical attack situation. After the sensei gets dropped twice in a row, he gives up, and his attacker goes home with $5,000. This sensei had more students than even Richard Mooney.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the Kiai Master I mentioned above:

Rich Mooney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Julian? I'm not sure who you're confusing me with, but everything I posted above is public information, freely available on the internet.

I would like to point out an error in my comments above: Mooney -did- participate in a double-blind test of his claimed Lin Kong Jing abilities. I just found out about it. Here's a link to an article describing exactly what happened in this double-blind test:

The reader will notice that prior to actually participating in the tests, Mooney and the testing crew spent almost 6 months designing the tests. Mooney agreed, in advance, to the date and time of the test, the exact format of the test, and how the results would be categorized (IE. what constituted a positive or negative result). Mooney repeated the tests multiple times, with different test subjects, and failed EVERY SINGLE ONE. When the results were posted, Mooney posted a response, filled with vitriol, and name-calling (look familiar? See Mooney's response, above!), and listed all the usual excuses, including that the test subjects were standing too stiffly and were trying to avoid the power of Lin Kong Jing. What Mooney forgot to mention, was that one of the test subjects was one of his own students, someone who had earlier participated in one of his Lin Kong Jing demonstrations! But even this student failed to yield a positive test result! Further, if the effects of Lin Kong are so easily defeated, then how can Mooney claim it has any martial value whatsoever? Having failed, miserably, at the tests Mooney himself helped design and which were conducted on the date, time and in the manner he agreed to, and having posted his response to the results of his failure, Mooney later demanded his response be removed (just as he has demanded his various responses be removed in this blog posting). But a rebuttal to his posting is still available here:

I don't really feel the need to respond to the name-calling, or the claims that I've been prescribed some kind of medication (I thought Mooney was the one requiring medication?) since he's confusing me with someone else, someone with whom he obviously has a history. But he brings up an interesting point, why did he have a successful seminar in England, right after failing so miserably in the double-blind tests earlier? The same question can be asked of the Kiai Master shown in the youtube video. The Kiai Master was obviously able to perform his stunts on his students, but he failed terribly against people not trained (programmed?) to respond how he wants them to respond. The same is true with Mooney. Is Mooney a charlatan? I think the answer is "probably not." I think he really believes he is capable of doing these things, just as the Kiai Master truly believed he could do these things, and like Mooney, was proved wrong. This belief is further built up by the students who attended his classes and seminars, and who were, for the most part, True Believers to begin with and heavily invested in the process. As can be seen in many martial arts, the teacher is viewed upon as being almost super-human. I've experienced first -hand a "master's" fawning students tell me they saw something happen, which was totally different from what actually happened (as proven by the video). A case of looking at the world through rose colored glasses. I've seen students clearly jump for their teacher and then claim they were lifted, or propelled by his amazing force. I was once the test subject in martial arts class where the instructor was going to use a technique similar to Lin Kong Jing to knock me down before I was able to get close enough to hit him. It worked on all his students, but it didn't work on me. He ended up bloody and with a headache. Peer pressure is a strange thing, but when you're just visiting, and will never go back to that school again, one doesn't have to succumb to it!


Anonymous said...


When Mooney does his Lin Kong Jing show, it works on his trained actors, as long as they can see or hear his queues. But in a controlled environment, where a specific outcome has been requested, where all of these visual and audio queues are removed, his "technique" simply does not work. It gets harder to believe in Lin Kong Jing when, for example, the founder of Xingyiquan (the art Mooney studies), Wang Xiang-Zhai, is known to have discounted empty force as an illusion or trick. Regardless, it is the rule, rather than the exception, that whenever someone writes something negative about Mooney, his response is filled with excuses, name-calling, and dozens of "testimonials" from "students" who just can't wait to tell us how great Mooney really is (and who probably all post from the same IP address). It's a shame that he just can't perform on demand, without stooges who are so heavily invested in proving their master right.

Oh, and as an aside, "Julian" may never have met Richard Mooney, I wouldn't know, but Mooney has no idea if I've met him or not, or even participated in his seminars or classes, or even a double-blind test!

Andres D. said...

well.. Let me say something to this argument. When i moved to sarasota florida back in like 2000..I met this guy, a friend of a guy named Daniel who is now a Deputy sheriff in sarasota florida...anyways he had a tattoo in chinese..i asked him what t said... He said it meant." The Powerful Empty"... it was at my aunts house, he was their with Daniel cuz they were great friends and Daniel like my cousin. lol.. Anyways..i asked what it was and how it worked...he spoke about Healing and then said... "i could push you from over here and knock you back"... I was thinking...YEA RIGHT...haha.. i said GO FOR IT... he said he DID NOT want to try because he is not that good and might hurt me... I told him i was a big boy i could take it..and it was carpet just incase.... SO....he did some motions with his hands lasting probably a good 5 Seconds....Then did a PUSHING motion with his hand... ALL the While i was HONESTLY trying NOT TO GRIN to much think it was silly... The Results were...I WAS SHOVED BACK!.. IT was LIKE if someone had TAKEN an Industrial FAN...AImed it at me for a Split Second and the focused air knocked me back. I WAS AMAZED!!! and Wanted to LEARN LEARN LEARN... BUT... i had Signed the Contract with the Navy and was going to be Shipped off to BOOT CAMP in 2 months.. I finished 4 years of Duty..and a few more have now passed... And I came along this BLOG after GOOGLiNG the POWERFUL EMPTY..because after all that time it is something that catches my interest greatly...and i LOVE how its linked with Healing. Honestly, I mIght Not believe it was true if it had not happened to me...and i Would LOVE to learn how to do joking aside. life is too short...unless we can figure out how to stay young. So... Please e mail me with any help you can in purchasing this book or cd's for training. When i was 19 i watched.. KUNG FU the Legend Continues...and I saw him breaking bricks..but...choosing WHAT Brick Specifically to break...3rd from the top?...2nd from the bottom?...and i thought.. COOL... in my back yard their was a BUNCH of i went out and..NO Joke...after like 30 minutes....I DID IT!.. i had them stacked ontop of each other.. like 6 or 9 of them...and then i would just focus on which one i wanted to break...i would press down on the top one...and break the exact one i focused on. Then I ran out of bricks and Never Did it again. lol.. Probably has to do with geometry..but either way..fascinating... even though I Find this A lot more Fascinating and and older out of shape guy after my back surgery would LOVE to learn to do this... Contact me with any info.. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Who is this Julian? It sounds to me from reading your posts that this guy has had a few issues in his life and has needed to latch on to someone to make himself feel better.

Julian, the hate that you are putting out there is a delusion, be virtuous, can you not see that what you are talking about is from over 10 years ago, Its already consumed your life, dont allow it to continue, it will consume your future lives, if you are lucky to be reborn as a human, its called a precious human life in dharma for obvious reasons.

Julian, i do not know you but i LOVE you.
Im sorry for mother abandoned you, and your father used to drink and beat you.

You do not have to play this role anymore. I love you man its ok to cry too!!!

Like angrulimala said to buddha, STOP, he stopped!!! he realised his own mind and became enlightened my friend,

I think that if you put as much effort into doing the same you could have become a buddha also, and at least if you put the same effort into training in lin kong jing as you do verbalising your disgust at another fellow human being then maybe someone would be on here trying to debunk you because you claimed you could do this!!!

2 questions.

Have you ever been to a mooney seminar?

Would you consider allowing him to use lkj on you?

Some more advice

I love you man. cry some more, evaluate your life, find a boyfriend (im guessing thats your persuasion) do some good (adopt some children) and actually get some purpose in your life my friend!!!

I went to a Rich Mooney seminar in 2003, I had never met him before, had no idea he had a stalker (YOU)

but as i was asked to approach Sifu rich mooney, i had an uncontrollable urge to fall to the floor, i could not execute my technique and dropped to the floor.

Before you reply, Think!

what delusion am i under?
a) Anger
b) Pride
c) Jealousy
d) Attachment

Im guessing that you are under all 4.

I think that you probably wanted to meet Sifu Richard and you never got the chance, or you wrote to him and as the guy was always so busy, he never quite got the chance, and that has consumed all of your adult life.

Again, before replying, read all of the above and ask yourself, do i want to return to the next life as an animal or a hungry ghost or as a hell realm being?
Put your effort into reaching enlightenment, you will have something to teach us all then.

If you still feel the need to reply

Julian, Im not gay, i have 3 children, i wont leave my wife for you, But I LOVE YOU.
And, i will always respond to your letters, as i am not always busy!!!

Please take your medicine, the phsyciatrist tells you to!!!

Please take care

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Rich Mooney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donald said...

Hey Rich, I'm 17 years old and am a junior in high school. I've been practicing meditation (some standing) and I have had success with moving objects (psiwheel) making candles pulse, and other things. However, there are two things that always get in the way of my training:

Football. In the fall, doing long standing meditations would make me tired for double sessions that I have every day, and during the school year (when football is going on) time is an issue.

Then, just in general, there are days where I don't have any time alone, and even though my mom knows about me meditating, I still wouldn't want her or anyone else in my family to actually see me doing them.

What would you recommend that I do during the football season? Something light and easy that will at least keep me at the same chi "skill" level without physically draining me. And what would you suggest I do on the days when I don't have any alone time? This would be where the only thing I could do is some kind of lying down meditation (in bed). This type of scenario is like when you are camping and at football camp where people can actually see you sleeping.

Thanks in advance :)

Rich Mooney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Again, I'm not Julian, Rich Mooney has me confused with someone else. Research on the internet shows Rich does this a lot. As I predicted earlier in this thread, based on his past practices, Rich takes on numerous different persona, and posts "evidence" in an attempt to support his drivel. You can always tell it's Rich, because the language is the same, and the insults are always the same. Rich has a very distinctive, rambling, and insulting writing style, one he apparently cannot hide!

None of this should detract from the fact that Rich agreed to a set of double-blind tests which would categorically prove or disprove his claimed LKJ "abilities", only to bail out at the last moment.

Neither should any of this detract from the fact that Rich undertook a series of tests at an Uechi Ryu karate school, which categorically proved that he was unable to do ANY of the LKJ feats he claimed he could do, even when using his own, trained-to-comply students as guinea pigs.

None of this should detract from the fact that the very founder of Mooney's style claimed LKJ was a fantasy.

To answer some of the questions posed:

Yes, I would welcome an opportunity to have Mooney demonstrate his LKJ on me. He won't do it. I've tried.

I'm not surprised you had an urge to drop to the floor when you met Mooney. Nausea has that effect on me too, and nothing makes me more sick than fraudulent martial arts "masters", especially those claiming to teach LKJ.

Anonymous said...

yet another post by Julian, ever the brave anonymous poster, now turned psychic himself:

"As I predicted earlier in this thread, based on his past practices, Rich takes on numerous different persona, and posts "evidence"

proof please, Julian. The more you deny the fact that you are Julian, the more it makes you appear as childish as your posts have become.

Please find a real martial arts master, like sifu mooney is, based upon his other well known skills.

sifu mooney did not earn his accliam soley based on his qigong skills, but also based upon his martial arts skills in External and Internal kung fu styles.

Julian will now rant about how I chose to post anonymously, and that I am also sifu mooney.

Juilian is quite wrong in this kind of rant.

As I am neither a student of Sifu Mooney, nor an unknown ranter like Julian, I can post anon as I am merely seeking the truth from the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

No, Rich, I'm not psychic, like you claim to be. I just did some research which shows your history of doing exactly what I said you did. Here are some examples:

-Quote (from Dr. Tom Morris):
In 2001, there had been several articles in national martial arts magazines showing "chi masters" knocking down their own students without touching them. I offered $5,000 to any chi "master" who could make me even wobble without touching me. Inside Kung-Fu put my offer on the front page of the magazine and I waited for a chi master to accept my challenge. It would only take them five minutes to earn $5,000 -- all they had to do is knock me down without touching me, or just make me wobble.
No chi "masters" ever took me up on that offer. I contacted one by email -- Richard Mooney, who had made a lot of money taking fees from gullible martial artists who thought they could learn the "No Touch Knockout." Mooney did not like the fact that I didn't believe he could do this, and I received insulting emails from him and a couple of his students.
-End quote

Rich, you failed miserably when tested under scientific conditions, and you now refuse to prove your "abilities" to anyone, including truly respected taiji practicioners willing to come to you. ( You're a cowardly fake.

There is notning even remotely legitimate about you, but you are an excellent conman. You even conned the lazy editors of KFO into publishing your garbage as filler. You actually have the gall to claim you can disarm a knife attack without touching someone. Prove it, you dangerous fraud. Prove it publicly, in a scientific test. Oh, sorry, I forgot, you've been there and didn't do that.

Anyone who wants to know the truth needs only to do a search for "Mooney" right here on KFO. Your background is fake, your claims are fake, and your tactics are reprehensible. Oh, and there's something really twisted about you, Rich, what with those dead baby pics and all. You need head help."

And Rich Mooney's reply, quote:
Who asked for your ****ing opinion?

Go **** yourself with your dogs ****

God**** mother ****ing worthless
****ing piece of ****

no good ****ing ****"
-End quote


Anonymous said...

There's a "chi-master" named Richard Mooney — who delights in bad-mouthing me, a favorite sport with losers — was put to the test two years ago and the resulting failure has hounded him all over the Internet. His responses have been rather ineffective, says Dr. Morenski:

According to the administrator of the web-page that sponsored the test nearly two years ago, the results of which were reported in a previous issue of Swift and are available on:, the claimant in question has had difficulty explaining his failure on a number of other web-pages. Before the test, he tended to "appear" on a martial arts Internet forum along with various students to proclaim his "powers" and to ridicule doubters. He would inundate the forum with theories in a manner which I am sure readers are familiar with from following this site. Of course, any skeptic simply "does not understand" the "powers" because he comes from a "Western bias," et cetera.

If that failed, the chi-master could always resort to simple insult.
-End quote

And, from the same article:

Mooney's responses apparently did not have the effect he wanted, for readers again asked him to explain his failure, and my response. He chose a tactic worthy of any warrior: he demanded that his response be deleted! Apparently, one should exercise caution in what one writes, for one may have to stand by it later.

The site administrator, and administrators of other martial arts forums, discovered that the chi-master and his supporters have stumbled upon a unique tactic — registering under other martial artist's names and under other multiple names to create a virtual "peanut gallery" of support. The responses from this "multitude" has consisted primarily of insulting Mr. Randi, myself, and others involved in the test. Unfortunately for the "multitude," martial artists have begun to wonder why they are receiving reports that they'd posted something on a forum. Worse, apparently it's quite easy to determine the origin of a posting, thus revealing the rather "singular" source of the "multitude."
-End quote

And, again, from the same article:

The response to the questions consisted of barrages of theory and insult
-End quote

After posting a very insulting response to the original article detailing his abysmal failure at proving he had any LKJ abilities whatsoever, Rich Mooney deleted his response, just as he deleted several of his prior responses on THIS very web page!

Again, the original article on Mooney's total failure to demonstrate any LKJ abilities, even on his own students, can be read here:

And the response to Mooney's (long-since deleted) diatribe as to why he failed, can be read here:

Rich, or whatever pseudonym you happen to be using today, the proof that all my statements are true is public domain, and out on the internet for all to see.

Anonymous said...

This is the point Julian; who cares what you think

Anonymous said...

At this point, you still don't get it... I'm not Julian. And, obviously, you care, Rich. LOL.

Anonymous said...

ah ha! now we are at the point of dueling anonymous posters flaming each other!

Anonymous said...

I went to one of these LKJ seminars years ago out of curiosity and came away somewhat disappointed but not entirely surprised either. RM was a nice bloke and enormous as well, he could project fajin well but I did not buy into the empty force stuff at all although I was open to the possibility, it just didn't work on me. I train in both Yiquan for standing power and Cheng Bagua so I understand how internal mechanics, openings and closings of joints and the use of ligaments etc... can supercharge a technique however there needs to be contact unlike with LKJ. After researching the subject matter I've come to the conclusion that LKJ is basically a game of perception with willing participants on both sides. The founder of I Chuan did not devise LKJ but rather it was one of his senior students Professor Peng Si Yu who used it as a tool to increase the sensitivity of his students rather than as some mystical force to knock over opponents from a distance. Jan Diepersloot writes about this concept rather well in his book the Tao of Yiquan, he was a students of a number of wang xiang zhai's top disciples including Han Hsing Yuan and the Professor himself. I hope this provides some further insight into what remains a rather controversial subject in the IMA. The real power behind the standing is the great health benefits and release of tension that it gives to this rather stressed out world we live in. Better to focus on that I would say, Also Master Wang Zhang Zhai still had to learn to fight as well as to stand. The Way of Energy and The Way of Power are also excellent books on Yiquan/Da Cheng Chuan/I Chuan

Anonymous said...

dude i actually spoke to someone who was present at the uechi ryu tests mooney infact only failed one test out of the ones that were set.

Anonymous said...

and the test mooney failes was something to do with mind reading cards which has nothing to do with emptyforce.

Anonymous said...

and the test mooney passes was something to do with mind reading menucard which has nothing to do with emptyforces, but was much graces at the take-away.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mooney would like everyone to forget his failure.

It is not forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

After research on this thread I've found that 'anonymous' is some tard calling himself 'kung fu kenny' gullette. a wannabe student of a fake by the name of sin kwang thé Now THERE is a lienage to be prout of. must've been to afraid to use his real name. shaolin dough.. right..

Anonymous said...

Nice to see ol' Rich is still crying over his failure.

For the record, he did not simply fail a portion of the test, he failed ALL of the test. Every . . . single . . . portion.

A smarter man, a more honest man than this charlatan, would wonder why you never seen it tried in an MMA fight. I mean, it is so awesome and powerful and there is money involved, one would think everyone would want to employ it.

Yet the do not.

Yet he can never demonstrate his "powers" in controlled circumstances.

Anonymous said...

well, kenny, anytime ur feeling an urge, why not go down, face the man, like a man, & run yer yap at him like you do anonymously here from the safety of your keyboard? im sure youll get a very direct response from him then. I dont see mooney crying here over any failure in fact I havent seen any of him posting anything here on this board since almost 6 years ago. none of the links work, but one, and that does not even name this mooney fella. Your jealousy is very telling abot you. you need some help from a mental health pro dude. and from what i have seen on this board, you were never at the socalled test. there are not pictures or video of it anywheres, from what i can tell. anybody can wirte anythingabout nayone they want to on the web, that doesnot make it fact. if anyone is a charletan, look up this sin the person. now he was a low down fake. hey, you learned from this sin the dude, didn't you. doesnt that also make you a fraud as well?

Dolch Mann said...

good old shaolin-dough: