Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Magna Carta

Although I've known for a long time the Magna Carta was one of the foundations of our democracy and legal system, I've never actually read it.    Written in 1215, the English charter guaranteed the rights to a jury, to habeas corpus, and included inspirational language that made its way into the U.S Constitution and The Bill of Rights.  It was written almost entirely in Latin (which may explain why I'd never read it).  

Recently I was given a 24 page paperback translation of the document.  It was an interesting read, but I was surprised by a couple of paragraphs (highlighted below) which show just how longstanding some of our troubling prejudices are. 

(click to enlarge image)


tracy said...

It's hurts my brain to read about the Magna Carta and see, simultaneously, that you just listened to "Baby Come Back" by Player on LastFM. Is this a postmodern moment?

LazyMF said...

Is this a postmodern moment?

...any kinda fool could see...