Friday, April 4, 2008

Awful Blogs Worth Your Time

I've added a new feature to this blog: links to other blogs I've discovered that are so bad, they are worth a look. Check over to the left. My first offering is from a real, live Grandpa Simpson living in Woodstock, Illinois.

Bookmark him so you can enjoy his rants about tinted windows run amok, too-big GPS systems, cross-walk signs, and un-patriotic neighbors who do not honor the flag.

I will not pick on kids that write blogs, but blogs written by adults in the voices of their children and/or pets are fair game.

A can already tell from my research that many of the selections will originate in Utah.


Anonymous said...

So it's awful blogs you want eh? Here, knock yourself out!

Anonymous said...

Can I add one too please... It's made me laugh as I had no idea how bored 'one' can get. It seems - very! :-)