Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nonsensical Postcard

There was news this week that a postcard written by Anne Frank in 1937 was discovered at an antique store near Amsterdam.

Many years ago I  found this postcard on the ground, next to the dumpster at my Austin apartment complex.   It is addressed to a gentleman named No-Doc Vrotsos.

It reads: 

No Doc, I have a research job in Stockholm.  My address is Artillerigaten 63V, St. 114 45 Stockholm, Sweden.  I am at a balloon event in the Swiss Alps at the moment, have been involved with ballooning in Sweden, Switzerland, and Italy, but only flew in France.  I have also made tons of boomerangs.  Miss ya.  Matt

I don't know why I picked it up and saved it all these years.  Maybe it was written in code for use by a Swedish spy ring in Austin.  Maybe Matt and No-Doc were lovers and had to couch their forbidden love and amorous exchanges in terms of boomerangs and hot air balloons.   I'll probably never know, but I will have life-long mental images of TONS OF BOOMERANGS.


Alan Hendrixson said...

Hmm... Swedish spy ring... or bigger? Vrotsos is a Greek surname. But what kind of name is No Doc? Maybe an anagram? According to my dictionary a codon is a "sequence of three adjacent nucleotides constituting the genetic code that determines the insertion of a specific amino acid in a polypeptide chain during protein synthesis or the signal to stop protein synthesis". Ties in with "Matt's" research job. And what about this "Matt" guy? Spells his friends name No Doc in one place and No-Doc in another. And his spelling of "envolved"? Don't be fooled by the "miss ya". His real name is probably Zoron or Dragan, or worse yet, Vladimir.

tracy said...

This looks suspiciously like of your high school art projects.

Anonymous said...

This has Steven Huber written all over it.