Wednesday, May 7, 2008


If you grew up in the 1970's and collected sports trading cards, you were probably aware of Sportscaster cards.  They were the large cards that came by subscription only, with their own storage box.  Only the rich kids had them.

Now I feel rich because I found a massive stack of them in a ziplock bag at a thrift store for only $3.00.

Below are some of my favorites from the collection which brought me some nice flashbacks.

My real-life heroes: 

I think I found the retro look every hep-cat college kid is going for these days.  Meet the 1977 Hungarian water polo champions:

Classic shot of Wilt Chamberlain scoring against a hapless Walt Frazier while Senator Bradley looks on, hoping for a cloture vote.  Also, great pic of Dr. J in his Bicentennial glory days:

Teutonic beauties:  half-elf, Ingemar Stenmark and half-man, Kornelia Ender.  How did those East German women set so many records swimming in the Olympics?  I guess the secret was lost forever when the Berlin Wall came down and the DDR crumbled. (sorry this photo is a little blurry.  I was probably trembling at Frau Ender's beauty while holding the camera).


Inspiring female Olympic gold medalists in precarious positions.  They spawned millions of bad haircuts and horrid musical tributes:

A tribute to the old geezers of hockey.  If you're not doing anything after the game, Gump Worsley would like to talk to you about some whole life policies and variable annuities.

Inspiring Olympians with multiple gold medals:  Swimmer Freddy Mercury and Ali's communist evil twin, Teofilo Stevenson.  Could Stevenson have knocked out Ali, Frazier and Foreman if Fidel Castro ever let him out from behind the iron curtain?  We kids thought so.

Every child's sports inspirations in the 1970's  -  Earl "White Shoes" Anthony and Dr. Csaba Fenyvesi, who fenced only in his grandfather's bathrobe:

The inventor of the Fosbury Flop (which method garnered many a ribbon in elementary school field days), and the inventor of the inverted track and field crotch shot (this is for a specific reader who requested another porn-related blog entry):

Here kid.  Smell my feet:

Who knew that Ireland's national pastime was the form of hurling in which Catholics and Protestants whacked each other with sticks?  I always thought it was the form of hurling that took place in alleyways after 7 pints of Guinness.

WTF sports I still have never heard of - Korfball vs. Faustball.  I would sell my soul to the devil to own those cool leather watch bands  (side note: these cards reminded me of one of my favorite videos from The Onion.  Do yourself a favor and watch "Just Give Me the Damn Sepak Takraw Ball"):

And finally, the card every boy wanted - Avery Brundage.  He truly was "beyond sports." (the back of the card says Mr. Brundage passed away on May 8, 1975, so look for many tributes tomorrow).


Alan Hendrixson said...

I thought Gump Worsley, no way. But after reading this ( and this (, I have to respect the guy. Twenty-five pro seasons and second to last goalkeeper to play without a mask. My favorite: "Accused by Rangers' coach Phil Watson of having a beer belly, he replied; 'He should know better than that. He knows I only drink scotch'." Interesting post.

Anonymous said...

For those who came across this site while surfing the 'net for porn, this is your lucky day. Go back to the main page and scroll down to the nude women's tennis, nude women's basketball and nude ladies archery. Unfortunately the photos are blacked out in certain places. You'll have to use your imagination.

LazyMF, you know how I know you are gay? Because you posted a photo of Bruce Jenner "assuming the position." Seriously WTF?? Thank you for killing my morning Wheaties buzz.

LazyMF, you need to find some vacant space on Sixth Street and open a combo tatoo parlor and sports erotica shop. There's definitely a niche in Austin among the pot-smoking UT fraternity wankers that needs to be filled. Your pix of the gals playing tennis and basketball in go-go boots is off the charts. Thank you for restoring my Wheaties buzz ...

- Friendo

tracy said...

I think I saw the European Champion Waterpolo team doing some relay bartending in Lawrence last weekend.