Saturday, June 28, 2008

Found Riches

Every book dealer has stories about finding cash in used books.  I thought I got lucky when I discovered this blank check from The Herring National Bank in Vernon, Texas in an old college textbook. 

I was going to write a check to myself for ONE MILLION DOLLARS until I turned the check over and discovered it had been ruined by some young man's dorm packing list:

Wuss.  When I went off to college I needed zero hankies and four jock straps.


leslie said...

Wouldn't it be cool if this turned out to be No-Doc's packing list? And by cool, I mean freaky.

tracy said...

You may have needed four jock straps, but this man needed only one "jockey strap." I'm guessing he put himself through school by racing horses, which so clearly out-cools your 30-mile bike rides in rural Douglas county. And he probably didn't live in the "Dr. Who" dorm. Ahem.