Sunday, June 22, 2008

Party Games for Women

After reading a blog entry about some sort of "art party" for men and women, I became a little concerned.  Cake walks with men?  Women producing art?  Maybe this booklet produced by the Leister Game Company of Toledo, Ohio will present some wholesome party ideas for the readers of this blog who are of the fairer sex.

The best way for women to get the party started is to pin the names of  television stars onto guests' backs.  The party guests must tell each other factoids about the celebrity to help guess their party personas.  Here the young lady on the left confuses the "Doris Day" victim by telling her that she will one day become a conservative icon, while at the same time advocating public assistance and compassion for a disease destroying the gay community:

Here are 4 other great party games from the booklet that I recommend:

The first will help the women focus on their futures:

The second will help the ladies with their job duties.  Accomplished women should be able to tell the difference between the "whip" and "liquefy" blender functions by ear alone:

Here is one to help with female literary pursuits (for those guests that have stayed in college for more than a year while trying to meet their husbands):

Here is one to use if you have 22 guests

"An' all us other children, when the supper things is done,
We set around the kitchen fire an' has the mostest fun."   
    - James Whitcomb Riley

And when it's time for some levity, this one is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.  What the hell is funnier than flying panty hose?  Seriously?:

(I will make no comment about the forfeit penalty).

And when the giggling stops, it's time to bring your party full circle to its conclusion and focus on what is really important - identifying television personalties (WTF?! No Nipsey Russell?!)


Maah said...

Any woman who cannot recognize the sound of a beer can opening would not be a good wife, now, would she?
It's good that examples of proverbs are given as anyone playing this game certainly wouldn't know the meaning, nor have been able to complete a year of college.
The panty hose game! Can't wait to try it. Excitiing, and I've been waiting for a good laugh. Thanks for the great party suggestions. Many could be applied to any gathering where gaity is needed. But the coin washed with soap and water and rinsed with chlorine before being subjected to someone's mouth? Does everyone's mouth enter the same saucer of water? Ee-yahoo!

tracy said...

Wow, this is some racy pre-nuptial fun. Did you get this as Spencer's gifts?

leslie said...

These games are more exhausting than going to work everyday.