Monday, September 29, 2008

Mad Men Revisited

I've written before about the AMC television show, Mad Men, which explores the misogynist, drunken, philandering racists that worked on Madison Avenue in the early 1960's.  Tonight I found more proof that the show is pretty accurate.

When I grabbed these 3 sales pamphlets from Frank Wheatley Pump & Valve Mfr. (Tulsa, Oklahoma) I knew they were special.  Each issue was mailed monthly to prospective purchasers of large oilfield equipment, were stamped "STRICTLY PERSONAL," and were addressed to "Our Hero"

After looking at these covers from 1960 and 1961, I knew each issue had to be loaded with sexism, racism and other interesting anachronisms.

(Republican: 0 votes.  Democrat: 0 votes.  Organ Grinding Monkey: 1 vote.  Sexy Dame With Black Eye Draped In Licorice Ropes: 5 votes.)

Was there a letter from the publisher explaining away the boys-will-be-boys attitude?  Eunuch it's there:

Racist Funeroos?  You betcha!

Silly drunks?  Okey dokey:

Philandering phun? Allrighty then:

Trifecta of all three on the same page?  Why not? (seriously though, I want that wrist watch):

Marital aids?  Whaaaaaa???

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Only in Texas

Yesterday, while on a BBQ outing to Llano, we stumbled upon this in Kingsland, Texas:

(thanks to Josh for the Kodak Disc Camera photography.  Thanks to Edmond for turning his car around)