Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TV's Fabulous Faces

Here is a Scholastic Book Services edition from 1976. You know - the books you ordered in school and waited 14 weeks for. If your teachers were like mine, they displayed the box of Scholastic books on their desks in the morning and refused to distribute them until the end of the day, keeping you in suspense for hours while wondering what hilarity awaited you in the Dynamite! magazine you ordered.

I barely remember this show. Holmes and Yoyo seemed to be about a luddite cop and futuristic robot sidekick.

This one's for you, Tracy. Maybe it's where you truly learned to appreciate Hal Linden.

Read closely. The author, Peggy Herz, seemed to know more about the skeleton in the closet of Mackenzie Phillips 33 years before the rest of us.