Saturday, March 6, 2010

The First JISMA

I hesitate to dip my toe in the martial arts waters again, but I have to share this find from the San Marcos Goodwill store. It the first ever issue of the Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies in the Martial Arts (JISMA). They chose the acronym, not me.

The journal started in 1979 as an attempt to add to the scholarly studies of martial arts with contributions from yogis, Sartre-mopers, Art Bell listeners and chiropodists.

Although the journal promised semi-annual publication on its subscription card, it appeared to have trouble finding worthwhile contributions. This letter from the JISMA editor was inside the edition I found. Was the mysterious Mr. Kim able to save JISMA? Maybe some of my readers battling it out in my Lin Kong Jing post can help me out.

Go to the Movies

The older my friends get, the less they go to the movies. There's jobs, kids, Netflix and other excuses. You should go.